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Tim Mcgraw( Samuel Timothy McGraw )

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【 Greatest Hits 】【 2000-11-21 】

Album songs:
1.Don't Take The Girl

2.Down On The Farm

3.For A Little While

4.I Like It, I Love It

5.Indian Outlaw

6.It's Your Love

7.Just To See You Smile

8.Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It

9.My Best Friend

10.My Next Thirty Years

11.Please Remember Me

12.She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart

13.Something Like That

14.Where The Green Grass Grows

Album Intro:

With a sad tenor that sounded like Mr. Haney from Green Acres, Tim McGraw, a freshman in country's crowded class of '92, seemed the least likely to graduate to superstardom. But eight years and 20 million albums and singles later, here he is with a greatest hits package so stuffed with songs--15 in all--that it doesn't have room for any new tunes, or even the best of all, 'Everywhere.' McGraw's appeal is two-fold: Aside from his unlistenable duets with wife Faith Hill and the abysmal 'Indian Outlaw' that jump-started his career, he's had excellent taste in songs. And he's the epitome of the average guy in search of extraordinary love--the loser who becomes a winner. You see it all here, in the hate-it-but-love-it 'Don't Take the Girl,' the adrenaline rush of 'Something Like That,' and the infectious 'I Like It, I Love It.' If this album doesn't give hope to every karaoke singer in America, nothing will. --Alanna Nash

1. Indian Outlaw
2. Tim McGraw
3. Don't Take The Girl
4. Tim McGraw
5. She Never Lets It Go To Her Heart
6. Tim McGraw
7. I Like It, I Love It
8. Tim McGraw
9. Just To See You Smile
10. Tim McGraw
11. It's Your Love
12. Tim McGraw featuring Faith Hill
13. Where The Green Grass Grows
14. Tim McGraw
15. For A Little While
16. Tim McGraw
17. Please Remember Me
18. Tim McGraw
19. Something Like That
20. Tim McGraw
21. My Best Friend
22. Tim McGraw
23. Maybe We Should Just Sleep On It
24. Tim McGraw
25. Down On The Farm
26. Tim McGraw
27. My Next Thirty Years
28. Tim McGraw
29. Let's Make Love
30. Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill