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OneRepublic( One Republic )【 29 albums 180 lyrics 】
OneRepublic is an American pop rock band formed in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2002 by lead vocalist Ryan Tedder and guitarist Zach Filkins. It also currently consists of guitarist Drew Brown, bassist and cellist Brent Kutzle, and drummer Eddie Fisher. The band first achieved commercial success on Myspace as an unsigned act. In late 2003, after OneRepublic played shows throughout the Los Angeles area, a number of record labels approached the band with interest, but OneRepublic ultimately signed with Velvet Hammer, an imprint of Columbia Records. They made their first album with producer Greg Wells during the summer and fall of 2005 at his studio, Rocket Carousel, in Culver City, California. The album was originally scheduled for release on June 6, 2006, but the group was dropped by Columbia two months before the album ever came out. The lead single of that album, 'Apologize', was released on April 30, 2006 on Myspace and received some recognition there, becoming number one on the Myspace charts.

In 2007, OneRepublic released their debut album, Dreaming Out Loud. Its lead single, 'Apologize', was notably remixed by Timbaland, becoming a huge international success, reaching number one in sixteen countries and subsequently earning them a Grammy Award nomination. The second single, 'Stop and Stare', mirrored its predecessor's success. The album was later certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The band's second album, Waking Up (2009), produced the singles 'All the Right Moves', 'Secrets', 'Marchin On', and 'Good Life', with the latter reaching the top ten of the US Billboard Hot 100.

OneRepublic's third album, Native (2013), became the band's first top ten album on the Billboard 200, and highest charting album to date, charting at number four. The lead single, 'If I Lose Myself', charted within the top ten in several countries, while the album's third single, 'Counting Stars', became the band's most successful single in recent years, obtaining top five placements in Australia, Canada, Germany, Ireland, New Zealand, the U.S. and the UK. This marks their highest charting single in the United Kingdom to date. It has also peaked at number 2 on the US Billboard Hot 100, matching their highest peak of 'Apologize' in 2007.

On October 7, 2016, OneRepublic released Oh My My, their fourth studio album, which featured a number of collaborators, including Cassius, Peter Gabriel, and Santigold. Preceded by the singles 'Wherever I Go', released on May 13, 2016, and 'Kids', released on August 12, 2016, it was recognized as a change in their sound in contrast to previous albums by both critics and the band itself


Ryan Tedder
Zach Filkins
Drew Brown
Brent Kutzle
Eddie Fisher

Past members

Jerrod Bettis
Tim Myers
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Run 2021-05
Wild Life 2020-09
1.Wild Life
Didn't I 2020-03
1.Didn't I
Better Days 2020-03
1.Better Days
Wanted 2019-09
Somebody To Love 2019-09
1.Somebody To Love
Rescue Me 2019-05
1.Rescue Me
White Christmas 2018-11
1.White Christmas
Connection 2018-08
Start Again 2018-05
1.Start Again(From 13 Reasons Why – Season 2 Soundtrack)
No Vacancy 2017-05
1.No Vacancy - Latin American Spanish Language Version
Let's Hurt Tonight - BUNT. Remix 2017-04
1.Let's Hurt Tonight - BUNT. Remix
Oh My My 2016-10
1.Let's Hurt Tonight
2.Future Looks Good
3.Oh My My
7.A.I.(& Peter Gabriel)
12.Lift Me Up
14.Wherever I Go
15.All These Things (Provided)
Future Looks Good 2016-09
1.Future Looks Good
Kids 2016-08
Wherever I Go 2016-05
1.Wherever I Go
Ordinary Human 2014-07
1.Ordinary Human
Love Runs Out 2014-04
1.Love Runs Out
Native(Deluxe) 2013-03
1.Counting Stars
2.If I Lose Myself
3.Feel Again With Heartbeats
4.What You Wanted
5.I Lived
6.Light It Up
7.Can't Stop
8.Au Revoir
9.Burning Bridges
10.Something I Need
12.Don't Look Down
13.Something's Gotta Give
14.Life In Color
15.If I Lose Myself(Acoustic)
16.What You Wanted(Acoustic)
17.Burning Bridges(Acoustic)
If I Lose Myself (Single) 2013
1.If I Lose Myself (Single)
Feel Again (Single) 2012
1.Feel Again (Single)
Christmas Without You (Single) 2011
1.Christmas Without You
Waking Up 2010-01
1.Made For You
2.All The Right Moves
4.Everybody Loves Me
5.Missing Persons 1 & 2
6.Good Life
7.All This Time
9.Waking Up
10.Marchin On
Dreaming Out Loud(勇敢夢) 2008-04
1.Say(All I Need)-就要(我說的)
3.Stop And Stare(佇足凝視)
6.All Fall Down(一塌糊塗)
9.Won't Stop(不停息)
10.All We Are(只有我們)
11.Someone To Save You(誰來拯救你)
12.Come Home(回家吧)
13.Dreaming Out Loud(勇敢夢)
14.Apologize(Timbaland Remix)-抱歉(提姆巴蘭混音版)
iTunes Session
1.Counting Stars (iTunes Session)
2.Can't Stop (iTunes Session)
3.Preacher (iTunes Session)
4.I Lived (iTunes Session)
5.What a Wonderful World (iTunes Session)
6.Feel Again (iTunes Session)
7.Secrets (iTunes Session)
8.Good Life (iTunes Session)
9.Apologize (iTunes Session)
1.The Other Side
Live from Zurich
1.Secrets (Live from Zurich)
2.Stop and Stare (Live from Zurich)
3.All the Right Moves (Live from Zurich)
4.Marchin On (Live from Zurich)
Live from Dortmund (International Version)
1.Marchin On - Live from Dortmund
2.Stop and Stare - Live from Dortmund
3.Secrets - Live from Dortmund
4.All The Right Moves - Live from Dortmund
5.Apologize - Live from Dortmund
1.Feel Again
2.It's A Shame
4.Trap Door
5.Sucker Punch
7.Shout (Live Version)
8.Say (All I Need)
10.Come Home
11.Won't Stop
12.Something's Not Right Here
16.Goodbye Apathy
17.All We Are
18.Someone To Save You
19.Dreaming Out Loud
20.Stop & Stare
21.Too Easy
22.Hearing Voices
23.All Fall Down
24.Apologize (Remix)
25.Trapt Door
26.Marchin On (Featuring OneRepublic) - Timbo Version
27.Apologize (Lukas Termena chillout mix)
28.Apologize (UK Radio Mix)
30.Apologize (ULTI-remix)
31.Marchin On (Timbaland remix)
32.Apologize (album version)
34.Heaven (acoustic version)
36.Wherever I Go (Danny Dove Club Edit)
37.Apologize - Acoustic Version from Mix 99.9 Toronto
38.Say (All I Need) In the Style of OneRepublic
39.Counting Stars (Lovelife Remix)
40.Counting Stars (Workout Mix by DB Sound)
41.Onerepublic - Stop and Stare
42.I Lived (Arty Extended Remix)
43.Good Life (New Mix version)
44.Good Life (radio mix)
45.If I Lose Myself (Love Thy Brother remix)
46.Stop and Stare (album version)
47.Sleep (Non LP Version)
48.Apologize (Richard Vission mix)
49.Good Life (Demolition Crew remix)
50.Couting Stars
51.Good Life (pop mix)
52.Secrets (from 'Gossip Girl')
53.If I Lose Myself (Re-Con remix)
54.Love Runs Out (Passion Pit Remix)
55.I Lived ([RED] Remix)
56.All the Right Moves (Filthy Dukes remix)
57.I Lived (Arty Remix)
58.I Lived (Carousel Remix)
59.Secrets [Ralph Lauren]
60.Secrets (Roger Sanchez remix)
61.Counting Stars (Mico C Remix Edit)
62.If I Lose Myself (Australia Only - Sessions 10 mix)
63.Feel Again (album version)
64.Mercy (radio mix)
65.If I Lose Myself (Alesso remix)
66.Last Goodbye (Stripped Live Mix)
67.Don't Go Away
68.Last Goodbye
69.Apologize (Timbaland presents OneRepublic)
70.Say (All I Néed)
71.Let's Hurt Tonight - Collateral Beauty Mix
72.All the Right Moves (Live)
73.Kids (Alex Ross Remix)
74.No Vacancy
75.Lift Me Up (Michael Brun Remix)
76.Truth To Power
77.All the Right Moves (Danger Remix)
78.Champagne Supernova
79.Burning Bridges (Acoustic Version)
80.Born to Race
81.Feel Again (Thomas Gold Mix Radio Edit)
82.Wherever I Go (Lost Stories Remix)
83.Love Runs Out (Disciples Remix)

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