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Album name:Ode To J Smith(給史密斯)

新專輯名為【Ode To J. Smith】,很多樂迷納悶J. Smith是何等人物,根據崔維斯的解釋,J. Smith在蘇格蘭是所謂的“菜市場名”,這張專輯是描寫並獻給默默無名的小人物們。2008年初籌備新專輯時,為了配合貝斯手Dougie老婆的預產期,崔維斯接受時間壓縮的挑戰,在短短三個月內創作並錄製完成新專輯。專輯標題曲“J. Smith”,數段吉他獨奏加上戲劇張力十足的拉丁聖樂唱詩班和聲,展現樂團的新生命力。崔維斯以這首標題曲作為起點,建構一張極具故事性的敘事專輯。從情緒高亢的“Something Anything”、“Long Way Down”到低盪的“Broken Mirror”;從抒情寫意的“Friends”,到恣意奔放的“Song To Self”,最後是清澈動人的結束曲“Before You Were Young”。崔維斯新專輯代表了樂團的重生、創作靈感的再現、還有充沛的原動力,他們不斷地挑戰自己的極限,激發無限搖滾創意,卻依然能夠左右聽眾的情感,征服樂迷的心。

Ode To J. Smith by Travis is 11 tracks of their loudest, edgiest and most arresting record yet. The album was recorded at Rak Studios in London and produced by Emery Dobyns (Antony & The Johnsons, Patti Smith, Battles) and mixed at Electric Lady Studios in NY. Healy says this album was 'born out of a rush of creative urgency, a need to make a record; it has to be amazing...the most cohesive thing we've ever done. When you move so quickly, there is little time to reflect. You have to be decisive.' In 12 years, Travis has sold ten million records, numerous accolades, headlined festivals all over the world.

1. Chinese Blues
2. J. Smith
3. Something Anything
4. Long Way Down
5. Broken Mirror
6. Last Words
7. Quite Free
8. Get Up
9. Friends
10. Song to Self
11. Before You Were Young