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Ariana Grande

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Ariana Grande

Santa Tell Me

Santa tell me, if you're really there
Don't make me fall in love again
If he won't be here, next year
Santa tell me, if he really cares
Cause I can't give it all the way
If he won't be here, next year

[Chorus 1]
Feeling Christmas all around
And I'm trying to play it cool
But it's hard to focus when I see him walking across the room
Let it snow is blasting now
But I won't get it in the mood
I'm avoiding every mistletoe until I know it's true

True love
That he thinks of
So next Christmas
I'm not all alone boy


[Chorus 2]
I've been down this road before
Fell in love on Christmas night
But on New Years Day I woke up and he wasn't by my side
Now I need someone to hold
Be my fire in the cold
But it's hard to tell if this is just a fling or if it's true love

[Pre Hook]


[Chorus 3]
Oh I wanna have him beside me like ooh-woo-ooh
On the 25th, by the fireplace ooh-woo-ooh
But I don't want no broken heart
This year I gotta be smart


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