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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

They Know

(with Cap-1 feat. Ty Dolla $ign)

[Intro:2 Chainz]
Paid $100 for some head, nigga, Say you ain't did it!
I know a lick at 4 mil', nigga, Say you ain't with it!
Now if we hit this lick, nigga, & you don't want to split it
Then it's bow, bow, bow to your motherfuckin' fitted, now!
I don't give a fuck, I don't give a fuck!
I pull up in that truck, Pull up in that truck
I run that bitch over, call it Trukfit
And yeah I'm on my own, I'm screamin' 'Fuck it'

[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Fuck it, I'm whippin' it crazy
I'm ridin' the foreign, I'm doin' 180
My chain so heavy, My brain so deadly
Type of nigga buy the watch & change the bezzy
They ain't never seen me comin' like this
Smokin' on that gasoline in the VIP
They need ding-a-ling for the trampoline
Cause all these bitches want to do is jump on the dick
I hop over fence, I'm offended by co-defendants
Drink codeine for mornin' sickness
Your dad was a motherfuckin' snitch, so nigga, you were born a witness
Allstate, accident forgiveness
Say my name by accident, We actin' ignorant
Doing a drive-by while you playin' different
This that Me Time at the finest
You won't beat me or see me whinin'
I am gangsta like the Raiders cap with a Jheri Curl on the side
I like thighs & breasts, I hide from stress
I don't even know where my phone at
Crib so motherfuckin big, I don't even know where my room at!

Whip so fast they say ''there he go''
Bitch so bad, man, I think she know
Turned 100 to a mill, man I think they know
Ducking on the low, man, I think they know
I think they know, I think they know
I think they know, yeah yeah, I think they know
I think they know, I think they know
I think they know, yeah yeah, I think they know

[Verse 2]
I think they know it, if they don't then fuck it I show it
Blow it like you owe it, ordered a case of Moet
Y'all get to going back to back for us
All black like I'm wanted
Got trophies on, I send it back in the morning
That money coming, trying to stack it enormous
You niggas pussy, fucking rat on your homies
I think they know it, they know it, they know it
I got a plane that's sittin round the corner
I got some bitches here from California
Got on my chains, I'm lookin like a dope boy
These niggas don't want it, I put that on [?]
My chain into 100, my belt Feragamo
Go to LA, meet the plug in the Quintanas
I'm still the king of my city and they know it
And I paint pictures with these words, I'm a poet
And I drop the top on my whip, and we soarin'
A 50 a check then I'm in it, if niggas stay with it then they get extorted
And I'm gone