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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

Big Meech Era

I think I may have to take it back to like to 10 years ago, you know
BIG MEECH ERA (you feel me?)
Real Real Motivation for a street nigga *2

Pull up in all color Ferraris
Bitches in Tiaras
If you in here while im still here
Everybody else starving
Everybody else starring
Shawty got the Mclarian and I had the 7

Pulled up at the Compound, clothes smelling like gun powder
Salute to the real niggas and real bitches who got they own bottles
I was snapping before fabo my raps come wit aHalo
Went out with Jeezy we spent pesos like J-bo
Took E's to the 20 grand he got a pistol on him and 20 grand
A couple things I ain't glorifying is the kids dying and the mommas dying (Scarface)
Everybody need to calm down stand right by your homie side
Gunshots in this motherfucker turn this bitch into a homie-side (yeah)

Over a million sold they say Im crossing over..
Oh yeah the club packed, I should've brought a rubber
My whole body inked, my family hardly know me
You know I put that work in just to get a Rollie (I did)
Japanese Dinner
Trap in these denim (damn)
Ain't stuntin these women (naaa)
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Wood Grain steering wheel I just might catch a splinter. (
If this a flexing contest I think we found a winner
I think we found a winner
Pull up in some shorts middle of December

'Put this shit down, that shit, I can smell that moon rock '
I got to tell you how that shit started
Verse 2
Trapping off the court on the back porch (I DID)
Had that pack ordered. We was back door. (We was nigga!)
That's that good shit that's that hood shit (WE HOOD)
You a cute bitch and your crew thick (I LIED)
Got a chopper on me the size of pool stick (this long)
With a blu davenchy, dog food bricks (Heroin)
Snowman on repeat, Rest In Peace Nando
I see Jigg in here I see Quazy too
When brawl witchu we send them bottles through we send the marters through
Im on the Carter 2
Like Tyrese was on the Marta too
They start calling too
They starting falling through
Got them chickens boy like a barb b q (tell em)
Talk to lame niggas something we hardly do
I sip the PJ bottle I rock the AP on them. (okay)
I think my rollie harder this an AG PARTY