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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )


When I woke up this morning
All I could think about was you
Cause when I went to sleep last night
All I could think about was you
Adam and Eve don't eat that fruit
'Best believe I'mma eat that Boo
Cause I'm the nigga that told them niggas
That told them niggas, 'Bout you
Chuck the duce, while I'm ridin' through
Tityboi I might sign a boob
Your nigga hatin', tell your nigga that's hatin'
That if he gettin some paper I might sign him too
'Best believe I'm just slidin' through
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Put your panties to the side let me slide through
I can see you niggas from a side view
I'm in and out the pussy, drive through
White coupe, with the white rims
I like to crank the top and let the light in
You know she dark skin her friend light skin
Put us together, and it's Ice cream
Sandwiches she can't manage it
I know her man Is sick, she can't handle it
She need some time alone I told her call my phone
And when she call my phone I didn't answer it

I'm gonna smoke till you niggas can't smoke no more
Roll till your bitches can't roll no more
I'm gonna blow till you niggas can't blow no more
Blow till your bitches can't blow no more

I was in Detroit, Michigan after going to go visiting with some friends of mine

[Big Sean's verse]
Okay I'm in motion, I'm rollin' and smoking
And smoking and rollin' like I'm locomotion
I'm walking outside and I'm causing commotion
Got perp and champagne that's a real nigga potion
I'm burnin' bread toasin' and joking
Cause I went from views of my moms house to views of the ocean
Niggas talk shit, But that's free promotion
I'm living my life like the end is approaching
Man fuck these niggas with a passion
I'm gettin' paid from the cradle to the casket
My Grandma said boy you need to read a bible chapter
Till I bought her ass a house bigger than the Pastor's,Hallelujah
Your now fucking with a bad bitch connoisseur
My ex-girl said man the fame caught up to ya
Baby you don't still think about me, wet dream about me
I swear you use to couldn't wait to k.o

Blow till your bitches can't blow no more