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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

Falling To Pieces

It's been 8 days since I got away from you
And I don't plan on going back
Cuz I'm afraid what I might do
If I let you back in like that

Don't call my cell phone (hello)
Don't send me roses (yeh)
Leave me the hell alone (ugh)
You must be jokin (yeh)

[Hook: Jenna]
There's nothing you can say or can do (yeh)
To get me back in love with you
That's what I try to tell myself (turn up)
But that can't be true cuz I'm

Falling to pieces
I'm falling to pieces (*2)
Cuz pieces of me still want you

It's been 8 days boy let me go
So I can learn to love again
The more I try to push you away
The more I pull you right back in

Don't knock on my door (hello)
Don't try to Skype me (yeh)
Don't say you want more (ugh)
That's so unlikely

[Verse: 2 Chainz]
I met you at a party
We had party favours (yeh)
I said talk to me and you spoke to me
In body language I said hello
You said goodbye
I said goodnight let's have a sleepover
And that turned into a freakover
Turned a Georgia Peach into a peach soda (go)
Drip drip on my sofa (sofa)
Her shoe game's ferocious
Her boyfriend's atrocious
I should get a trophy for coaching (true)

I put her in the game (game)
Tattooed her name (name)
Falling all to pieces
We should pick it up again (that's so unlikely)