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Burna Boy - L.I.F.E - #Yawadey Lyrics

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Oh lord have his mercy

I been dey wear Versace shirt
They wear their ray bann
So they need Versace shirt
Happy is the nation
Dem play me song for tv and radio station
Dem a see me risen in the stereo still done
And they talk
They taking on me's behaviour
Them call me Oluwaburna lyrics creator
On the road to greatness
Dem a sink under haters
Some of them a hire private investigator

I tell them no be by force
As I dey try waka pass
I dey do my thing
I tell them no be by force

If you never see landlord yawa dey o
And if you never know
Yawa dey o
You dey for house, you see your family dem never chop
Yawa dey o
And if you no go church
Yawa dey o
And if you no dey rush
Yawa dey o
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Comot for road
Police stop you dey search you see poli
Yawa dey o

See in 2010 when I drum a single
I was skinny
And my face was full of pimple
Then they tell me say this music industry simple
I go use my eyes to see
No be so this thing go
The tin go
No be say I wan blow with one track
And my music fade away
And I no fit come back
I dey try to win a grammy
To say I don die
But 2012 I sign the contract

I tell them no be by force
As I dey try waka pass
I dey do my thing
I tell them no be by force

This new era is not the same o
New era galala go put them to shame o
Oya, oya, show them, kill them, show them

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