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Mama's Lullaby


Waking up with my eyes close
Put on my uniform
Crying to stay at home
No one told me
Back in the days in school
The age of innocence
I won't be like that no more

I would wanna be stayin' up late 'till midnight
I would wanna go shopping and buy everything I like
I would wanna kiss and marry the boy next door
I would wanna see my dad instead of talking on phone
I would wanna wear high heels and necklaces
Wouldn't wanna be afraid of the dark when the monsters crawl
While my mama will sing me her lullaby that goes

Sleepy sleepy, sleepy sleepy
Go to bed, close your eyes

Another piano course
The word I never spelled right
And missed my favourite show
Shoutin' out loud
Back then when I was tiny
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My path starts to show
But little did I know

That every choice I ever made makes a difference
That every lesson I ever learned makes me wiser
That every dream I ever dreamed starts to glow
That every turn I take there are surprises await
That every question I ever hate will be solved
That every bleeding scar will soon be better
'Cause remember how mama used to sing me her lullaby

Sleepy sleepy, sleepy sleepy
Go to bed, close your eyes
Sleepy sleepy, sleepy sleepy
Go to bed, close your eyes

Now I wanna stuck into my bed before midnight
Now I wouldn't need to have everything that I like
And I'm gonna meet someone at some point in my life
Now I realize life sometimes just won't treat you kind
High heels aren't what they seem on the outside so bright
And the dark won't be where the monsters to hide
When I wouldn't know what to do
There's the lullaby
It gets me through the times, mama's lullaby