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Wide Open(Foreword)

Composer:NIKI, Daniel Tannenbaum, Sergiu Adrian Gherman, Tyler Reese Mehlenbacher, Daniel Nathan Krieger, Craig Balmoris

Are you lost little girl?
Where's your mama? (Good Grief!!)
Skin thick as bricks
Was it karma? How old are ya?
Watch your back, watch your step, watch your weight, watch your words too
They'll come at you with their teeth
and their rhinestone-covered sheaths

Word of warning:
Straighten up.
Tie your shoelaces up
There's never time to warm up when the jungle cools down
It's a god damn cornucopia
of your serpents and your scorpions
When you fall asleep baby, keep an eye wide open, hmm
Keep an eye wide open, hmm

All the wolves lick your cuts clad in Prada
with white grins, and tight grips,
blood oaths and loose lips,
smokin stardust

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Act like some pilgrims,
sing like some psalmists,
Kiss like its harmless,
I hope you listen,
there're too many demons
So girl don't you give in
to all of the voices around you
saying you can spread your wings
only if you spread those legs first, huh
That's the bread and butter of this place.

B**ches with butterknives at the ready to spread the word to save their pretty face
So let these words be your saving grace
There's a much longer trail to blaze
And it's ours.
(so straighten up!)

don't get sloppy,
don't get sloppy, mm
(so straighten up!)

and keep an eye wide open, mm
keep an eye wide open, mm