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Still in bed, sweating wet, I don't get it
Leaving off, floating up, room is empty
I don't care, I don't even care about it
I just wonder, can you give me nightrides?

Morphines, I'ma dream in the backyard
No one cares, you would fly in the junkyard
'Can you please turn it down when I go to sleep?'

There's nights craving hard for the high glide
Gasolines, fuel it up, to the max tide
Want a scar, in my arms, I don't need it
Should we stay, or better off change?

Caramel's in the milky sky
And it tastes a bit of blood
I'm a silicon soul
Float up in beats
Fade by your touch

There's gotta be 5 + reasons
But I don't give a, I don't give a fuck about it
Cuz it seems fading out in the shadow
Vitamins, can it make a difference?

Life's a maze, I'm amazed, it's a phantom
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Out of space, need no race, I'm the pacer
Heads in pain, can you be more patient?
I meditate, as the new thoughts rise up

You can fake it but you can not touch
After all the lights gone down
All the silhouettes are shaping upside down
Well, look at that

Every minute, I see flashing lights
When the choice is ours to make
You should take it
When the bar is closing down
Before too late

There's gotta be a hundred more reasons
But I don't give a, I don't give a fuck about it
When the night is cracking down
Sweap away, sweap away these clowns

Still in bed, Sweating wet, I don't give a shit
Feeling sick, Feeling high, Feeling infinite
76 per minute, number 24
Mind the gap, for we step into the new world