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Written By:NECKY
Produced By:NECKY


Waking up in a room with artificial light
I feel like I'm in between my dreams
Stuck in a rut and now it's locked in tight
It's wearing down my self esteem

Used to believe I got possibilities
Well that was false prophecy
Now you might think I'm living in a tragedy
But it's only our reality


So wipe your tears away
Because there just ain't any easy way
Feeling upside down
But you can't back down
It's either do or die

Just smile and say that everything is gonna be okay
Even it's nosedive
Well, at least you're still alive


Seems like everything's not what it used to be
And nothing really sound true to me
But what does it matter in this day and age?
We're just kept alive, trapped in a cage
Maybe I should mumble something meaningless
Since none of y'all gonna be reading this
Melody, parody, obscenity, integrity
Say the mantra, now you're part of the community

I'm not a sheep, I'm self aware
and I'm not asleep, I'm so prepared
I have opinion, and I wanna be heard
When I'm gone you'll quote me word-for-word
Now, you don't know me but you will see
And you won't like what you will see
My image lives on while you try to thrive
I'll kill some time, but you wanna lie and get by



Is there anyone who's listening out there?
This is a letter to end my nightmare
You look and stare but you wouldn't dare
To admit, you ignored me like I'm made of air
Life is, supposed to be fair and I know that I deserve to have my own share
The pain you'll pay for, the price is there
How many times do I have to make myself clear?
So Let's settle the score now, fair and square
Do you think I'm destroyed beyond repair?
Is It Just Me Or Is It Getting Crazier Out There?
You still believe that my case is rare?
Darkness is born out of despair
And for what it's worth, I'm still right here

[Bridge backup]

For what it's worth, I'm still right here
For what it's worth


Let me off the hook
So I feel alive

  1. Special thanks to mu for sharing the lyric.
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