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5 Seconds Of Summer( 5SOS )【 26 albums 192 lyrics 】
5 Seconds of Summer (often abbreviated as 5SOS) are an Australian pop rock band from Sydney, New South Wales, formed in 2011. The group were originally YouTube celebrities, posting videos of themselves covering songs from various artists during 2011 and early 2012. They rose to international fame while touring with One Direction on their Take Me Home Tour.

In early 2014, the band released 'She Looks So Perfect' as its debut single, which topped the charts in Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and the United Kingdom. The self-titled debut studio album was released in June 2014, which peaked at number one in 11 countries and followed by a live album titled LiveSOS. The band released their second album Sounds Good Feels Good in October 2015 and followed up with the release of a live documentary DVD called How Did We End Up Here.

On 2 December 2016, the band announced the release of their B-sides and rarities previously unavailable worldwide under the title This Is Everything We Ever Said to celebrate their fifth anniversary as a band.
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Album name Release Date  Song    
Take My Hand 2022-04
1.Take My Hand
CALM 2020-03
1.Red Desert (Provided)
2.No Shame
3.Old Me
7.Best Years (Provided)
8.Not In The Same Way
9.Lover Of Mine
10.Thin White Lies
11.Lonely Heart
Old Me 2020-02
1.Old Me
Youngblood 2018-04
Valentine 2018-04
Vapor 2015-10
Sounds Good Feels Good - Deluxe 2015-10
2.She's Kinda Hot(她還蠻辣的)
3.Hey Everybody !(大家好 !)
4.Permanent Vacation(永恆的假期)
5.Jet Black Heart(漆黑的心)
6.Catch Fire(愛的火光)
7.Safety Pin(破鏡重圓)
8.Waste The Night(揮霍今夜)
11.The Girl Who Cried Wolf(狼來了)
12.Broken Home(破碎的家)
13.Fly Away(展翅高飛)
16.San Francisco(舊金山戀曲 )
17.Outer Space / Carry On(外太空 / 繼續前進)
Money 2015-09
Fly Away 2015-08
1.Fly Away
Sounds Good Feels Good 2015
1.She's Kinda Hot
2.Fly Away
4.Hey Everybody!
5.Permanent Vacation
6.Jet Black Heart
7.Catch Fire
8.Waste the Night
13.San Francisco
14.Outer Space/Carry On
15.Safety Pin
16.The Girl Who Cried Wolf
17.Broken Pieces
18.The Space Between a Rock and a Hard Place
19.Story of Another Us
She’s Kinda Hot 2015
1.She's Kinda Hot (Alternative Version)
2.Broken Pieces
3.Over And Out
4.Lost In Reality
How Did We End Up Here: Live at Wembley 2015
2.Wrapped Around Your Finger
3.Permanent Vacation
4.Don't Stop
5.She's Kinda Hot
6.Heartache on the Big Screen/Everything I Didn't Say (Provided)
7.Beside You/She's Kinda Hot (Provided)
LIVESOS 2014-12
2.Out Of My Limit(Live)
5.Beside You(Live)
6.Everything I Didn't Say(Live)
7.Long Way Home(Live)
8.Heartache On The Big Screen(Live)
9.American Idiot(Live)
10.Teenage Dream(Live)
11.Good Girls(Live)
12.What I Like About You(Live)
13.End Up Here(Live)
14.She Looks So Perfect(Live)
15.What I Like About You(Studio Mix)
Good Girls EP 2014-11
1.Good Girls(Single Version)
2.Just Saying
3.Long Way Home(Acoustic)
4.Good Girls(Acoustic)
Don't Stop 2014-06
1.Don't Stop
2.Try Hard
3.If You Don't Know
4.Wrapped Around Your Finger
She Looks So Perfect 2014-03
1.She Looks So Perfect(Mikey Demo Vocal)
2.Heartache On The Big Screen
3.The Only Reason
4.What I Like About You
Amnesia EP 2014
5 Seconds Of Summer 2014
1.Social Casualty
2.Everything I Didn't Say
3.End Up Here
4.Long Way Home
5.Heartbreak Girl
6.Mrs All American
8.Don't Stop
9.Good Girls
10.Kiss Me Kiss Me
12.Never Be
13.Voodoo Doll
15.She Looks So Perfect
16.Beside You
Unplugged EP 2012
1.Too Late2.Gotta Get Out
Somewhere New EP 2012
1.Beside You2.Out Of My Limit
1.I Miss You
2.Jasey Rae (Live from Band Rehearsal)
3.Gotta Get Out
4.I Miss You (Unplugged)
1.The Perfect Disguise
2.I've Got This Friend
3.As Long As You Love Me
4.Over and Over
5.Teenage Dirtbag
6.Bad Dreams
8.teenage queen
9.I Can't remember
10.Everything I Want
11.Year 3000
12.All I Need
5 Seconds of Summer (Target Exclusive)
1.Tomorrow Never Ends (Target Exclusive)
2.Beside You
3.Heartbreak Girl
4.Kiss Me Kiss Me
5.Good Girls
6.Long Way Home
7.Don't Stop
8.Everything I Didn't Say
9.Mrs. All American
12.She Looks So Perfect
13.Out Of My Limit (Target Exclusive)
14.Close As Strangers (Target Exclusive)
15.Independence Day (Target Exclusive)
16.End Up Here
5 Seconds Of Summer (B-Sides And Rarities)
1.Close As Strangers
3.Lost Boy
4.English Love Affair
5.Out of My Limit
6.Never Be
7.Tomorrow Never Dies
8.Mrs All American
9.Voodoo Doll
10.Independence Day
1.Wherever You Are
2.Everything I Didnu2019t Say
3.American Idiot
4.Teenage Dream
5.Beside You (from Somewhere New EP, 2012)
6.Girls Talk Boys - From 'Ghostbusters' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack / Stafford Brothers Remix
7.Girls Talk Boys (from the 'Ghostbusters' Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
8.Girls Talk Boys
9.5 Seconds Of Summer Broadcast
10.She's Kinda Hot (Radio Edit)
11.Hey Everybody! - Radio Edit
13.Good Girls (Radio Edit)
14.She Looks So Perfect (Ash Demo Vocal)
15.What I Like About You (lyric video)
16.Kiss Me Kiss Me (Bonus) (Live)
17.Behind the Scenes: Inside 5SOS
19.She Looks So Perfect (Undercover 5SOS)
20.Greenlight (Bonus Track)
22.Amnesia (Radio Edit)
23.Amnesia (Live At Wembley)
25.Don't Stop - Acoustic
26.She Looks So Perfect - Acoustic
27.Girls Talk Boys (Stafford Brothers Remix) [From 'Ghostbusters']
28.500 Years of Winter - Pizza Song (Live)
29.Want You Back
30.Want You Back (Acoustic)
31.Lie to Me
32.Moving Along
33.Talk Fast
34.Want You Back (Tritonal Remix)
35.Youngblood (Acoustic)

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