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winter a snow storm
the snow is falling in large flakes
and a strong wind is blowing
at the temple entrance
she is standing with a crutch waiting for alms
she is footed both in summer and in winter
please give her alms
you know twenty years age
this old woman was a poet's dream
and the fame twined a wreath for her
when she was singing on the stage
paris was enchanted with her
she was unrivalled
please give her alms
it often happened that the crowd
didn't let her go after the performance
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and the delighted young people shouted loudly bravo
as she passed by
the circle of her guests praised her gencrously
in happiness everybody is our friend
but in trouble these friends disappear
the saint will of providencd
the artise became ill
and lost her voice and eyesight
today she lives by begging
earlier beggars often used to come to her
for asking for alms
and today she is ashamed of begging you
please give her alms

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