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Sex On the Beach

[Verse 1]
Girl, you're so sexy
Everybody should see your body
Girl, you're so sexy
I think, everyone should see you
Everyone should see you in the open
Baby, open up for me
Open, keep it open, by the ocean
Yeah, lipstick wrapped around my lemonade glass
Starin' right at her but don't know where she's at
(Tell me, the sun goin' up and shit, purple in the sky, feelin' good)

And now we're here at Miami Dade
Finally here and I'm finally wasted
All I'm really tryin' to say
Is we could cool delays

All the sex in the ocean
All the sex on the beach
All the sex in the open
All the sex in the heat

[Verse 2]
Girl you so sexy
You don't know what to do with all the attention on you
All the affection, all the attention
All these intentions towards you

That's right, that's right
Where you at?
Summertime shit

[Pre-Hook]+ [Hook]

Summertime shit, PARTY!
One time for my niggas, one time
Two times for my bitches, two times