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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

Got One

Sometimes I have them thoughts

Like I'm too real for this shit

Labels keep callin'

I need 2 mil for this shit!

Took a mixtape

Turned it to a mansion

Then I took my last pack

And it turned into gymnatics

The crazy thing about it

I been knew I had it

I was being patient, y'all was being stagnant

The crazy thing about it

I been gettin' money

I been gettin' pussy

Shades cost 600

The crazy thing about it

I don't need nobody

I don't need no co-sign

Or talking balls I got 'em

The crazy thing about it

Everything been crazy

My girl cousin died

Now who gon' take care of them babies

A-Town, we got one
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Westside, we got one

Eastside, we got one

Southside, we got one

Got one, I got one

This pistol on me, I got one

This check homie, I got one

Respect homie, I got one

This polo, not Izon

I get dough like Tae Kwon

Asking me what I'm on

I say my bank account is on steroids

Trappin' off my Android

Tryin' not to go bad boy

Cause I'm so high, talkin' I'm so fly

I don't know if I should l land for it

Addicted to codeine

My side effect is a red girl

If I buy the pussy you payin' for it

Put your head through the headboard

I say it but, I don't get no credit for it

Pull up in that short bus

Tell 'em this is [?]