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2 Chainz( Tauheed Epps )

Funkmaster Flex Freestyle

[Wiz Khalifa:]
Uh, the nerve of these niggaz
Talking shit about me cause I'm on the top
I ain't even heard of these niggaz
Smoking kill just to murder these niggaz
Want beef cause I got bread, I'll guess you what burgers be nigga
They say I'm done but they currently book my niggaz in the cut like surgery
And all my breath is lunch and dinners get served to me
You saying I ain't the realest, that's perjury
I'm smoking out with my niggaz up on that top floor of Vila
Be looking out for those who be trying to copy us
Oh, you ain't 'bout the dollaz huh?
I guess that mean we can't shop it up
Huh, Perignon poppin', thirty k for watches
I'm grinding for what I got, nigga
Losing's not an option
Just look at all this new shit that I'm rocking
H-h, you don't know what you're doing? You should stop then

[Chevy Woods:]
It's Taylor Gang or die
Let's go
Fuck you know about this shit here?
I've been living this my whole life
A couple of bags of money I'm a stash away cause I'm always be right
Okay, your bitch all on my line and I ain't even thought of no date
These shades cost five hunid, that's cash all on my face
I had that cocaine all night but they understand when I talk that
Fuck you know about going to cop?
Had to walk there and then walk back
My niggaz lie for this shit
Feel my close homies, they dead
How the fuck you gonna try to change a nigga? That's the only way that I live
No dead half of my life, two brothers try to be grown
Momz ain't know I had white
That was taking care of her home
I say shout out to my connect
Salute my nigga, I'm good
I bet they know all that so tell them niggaz I said wussup